Takeaway Only
from 17th December 2021

After weeks of discussion and soul searching regarding the new Directive

that takes effect December 17th, Fishtales has decided to move forward

temporarily as a Takeaway Venue only.


We do not want to discriminate or hassle our customers as we have built

 a great rapport with our much-loved locals.


We have a very casual and inviting outdoor area on the Lillyponds

and invite our customers

to feel free to make full use of its ambience.


Bring a picnic blanket or take advantage of the seating.

We will provide extra seating, bins and all the fairy lights and festoons will be on in the evening.


This was a hard decision and we trust you understand the difficulties for a small business

trying to operate in the current situation.


Thank you for your support.

Grilled Fish Steak